Joy + Rigor = Mastery

At Acton Academy, everything starts with a joy-filled environment full of fun adventures and a warm community where everyone feels they belong. This amazing experience, while full of freedom and friendship, has a clearly spelled-out price of entry – hard work both in academics and towards the development of good character.

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Parent Comments

"Eagles play hard and work hard. Our daughter jumped seven grade levels in Math in two years, but there wasn’t any magic to it; just encouragement from her friends and lots of hard work."

- Acton Parent - Acton Academy Texas

"The thought of a learning environment that incorporates active learning, includes all the senses, and emphasizes a pursuit personalized to your individual gifts, sounds amazing. What kid doesn’t deserve that?”"

- Acton Parent - Acton Academy Arizona

"Armed with a teaching degree and knowledge from my work experience within LAUSD, I was determined to make our community public school work. It worked well enough for my eldest daughter; surely it would work for my youngest. Well, it didn’t. And I realize now that “well enough” is not good enough."

- Acton Parent - Acton Academy California

"I would never have believed children could learn so much from each other until I saw it with my own eyes. The lessons of self-management and self-governance have prepared our fifth grade son to be a lifelong learner."

- Acton Parent - Acton Academy Texas

"Carly had reached that point. Why should school ever be a place of dread? Insurmountable workloads and worksheets and tests? Why was I perpetuating the fiction with my daughter that this was something that just was? “All kids go through this…” I had said."

- Acton Parent - Acton Academy California

"Our daughter loves learning at Acton. She can’t wait to share her day the moment she jumps into the car. I’m so grateful to see a love for learning come back into her eyes."

- Acton Parent - Acton Academy Texas

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